"Ozone and Anthony's Steakhouse are a great combination! I spent months looking for a place with live music during the week (not just weekends) and food, in the same place, and had almost given up until I found this place!

The food was very good, as you would expect for the prices, and the service was excellent. Then I walked through the door into the lounge, had a drink or two, listened to some great music, watched the couples dance, and stayed until the band stopped playing. It was a really nice evening!" - SW MOORE


The Ozone offers plenty of positives as a live music venue.

The sound is balanced, there is plenty of space to sit, stand or dance, and the lighting is comfortably dimmed. A full bar stands at the ready and boasts a cleverly named menu of specialty martinis. Dude-O-Politan anyone? It's made with Three Olives Dude vodka, a hooch formulated to taste Mountain Dew-esque. It's the darndest thing.

Oh, and you can feast from either the Ozone's casual bar menu or the Steakhouse offerings. Dinner and show. It's a decent way to spend an evening.

Content By Laura Capitano of www.omaha.com Bar Review.