Dan Reynolds Tribute to Neil Diamond

Dan Reynolds Tribute to Neil Diamond

Dan Reynolds – Tribute to Neil Diamond

Dan has experienced a diverse work history. Early in his career, he was an electronics engineer in the life sciences industry. As his family grew, he moved to sales in the same industry, and then to sales management. More recently, Dan spent several years as a business analyst. Over the last few years, Dan has written 3 novels, all the while honing his talent for singing Neil Diamond songs. Now he is starting yet, another chapter in his life.
Dan has always been an avid Neil Diamond fan, and recognized the public’s desire to hear Neil’s songs in a live environment. Dan captures the real essence of Neil’s unique sound, his deep, raspy voice, and the genuine soul true fans can appreciate. Dan studied every nuance of Neil’s voice, the way he pronounces every word, which lends itself to the authentic nature of the Neil Diamond experience in each of the 50 songs he performs. If you close your eyes, it’s difficult to tell them apart. Dan’s performances are a real tribute to one of the most popular singer-songwriters the world has ever known.


Sep 23 2021


6:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Ozone Lounge


Ozone Lounge
7220 F St.

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